Jani Leinonen received the Finland Prize 2016

Congratulations to Jani Leinonen for receiving the Finland Prize 2016!

The Finland Prize is granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture in recognition of a significant career in arts, an exceptional artistic achievement, or a promising breakthrough.

Leinonen and seven other artists or groups received the prize on Monday 19.12.2016 by the Minister of Education and Culture, Sanni Grahn-Laasonen.

In his thank you speech Leinonen took the opportunity to point the attention back towards the Finnish government, whose political practices he deemed racist, sinister and inhuman.

” I have never, until recent months lived in a country where the state’s most influential people try to silence those who show criticism towards them. I have never, until recent years lived in a country where the government’s intervention policy is so racist, sinister and inhuman, that any good deed by the state, such as the Finland Prize, seems as a polishing of the government’s smudged appearance – even though this would not be the case.” – Jani Leinonen 19.12.2016

Leinonen also promised that the award would not affect his ability to be critical against those who have power.

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