Jani Leinonen, Jiri Geller & Aurora Reinhard at the Weserburg Museum, Bremen

Jani Leinonen, Jiri Geller and Aurora Reinhard are included in Dreamaholic, an exhibition based on works from the Miettinen Collection at the Weserburg Museum in Bremen, Germany.

With the exhibition Dreamaholic, the Weserburg is for the first time conveying insights into the contemporary art scene in Finland. All the works on display comes from the Miettinen Collection in Berlin and Helsinki, and mirror the lively diversity of contemporary Finnish art presenting both well-established artists such as Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Jiri Geller and Jani Leinonen as well as younger artists who in many cases still await discovery.

Along with sculpture and photography, the exhibition focuses on painting. The spectrum of the selected forms of expression extends from poetical visual inventions all the way to the homoerotic depictions of Tom of Finland.

The Miettinen Collection comprises a total of 800 works by Finnish and international artists.

The exhibition is open from February 4 – August 27, 2017
For more information visit: www.weserburg.de

Dunkelheit VIII, 2009 Miettinen Collection