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Jiri Geller & Kaos

Jiri Geller and Kaos
Zetterberg Gallery
June 14 – July 26, 2015

Jiri Geller and graffiti artist Kaos Bang! combines danger, beauty and lightness in an explosive exhibition, where the contradiction between Geller’s perfectly manufactured and polished surfaces and Kaos rougher expression creates a flaming cocktail.

This Is The Way

Jani Leinonen, Aurora Reinhard
& Jiri Geller

Jani Leinonen, Aurora Reinhard & Jiri Geller
Zetterberg Gallery
May 25 – September 21, 2014

Zetterberg Gallery is proud to present the most recent works by Jani Leinonen, Aurora Reinhard and Jiri Geller in the up coming exhibition This Is The Way.

The exhibition brings together works by Leinonen, Reinhard and Geller combining commercial culture and critical perspective with highly demanding craftsmanship and flawless aesthetics.


Jani Leinonen, Aurora Reinhard,
Jiri Geller & Mari keto
Salon Dahlman, Berlin

Salon Dahlmann Berlin
January 20 – February 17, 2013

Zetterberg Gallery presents TEASER – a selection of works by the most influential young Finnish contemporary artists. Founded in 2008, the gallery Zetterberg Gallery is showing the highlights of its programme at Salon Dahlmann Berlin. Combining a critical perspective and meticulous craftsmanship with a humorous and aesthetic treatment, the works of Jiri Geller, Mari Keto, Jani Leinonen and Aurora Reinhard explore the boundaries between constructed, commercial culture and individual, materialistic addiction. TEASER presents these prominent Finnish artists by composing a strong body of works from international private and institutional collections. By including elaborate sculptures, accusatory installations and tenacious imagery, the exhibition provokes observant attention to the prevailing phenomena of society.

Jani Leinonen throws light on the tactics of commercial operations by turning them into objects of ridicule, parodying the unstated assumptions of our marketing society and economic daily life. Jiri Geller’s accomplished, detailed sculptures serve up cold irony and raw critique by questioning the dominant, neoliberal iconophilia. Aurora Reinhard creates controversial artworks that explore tensions and structures in contemporary society – in particular our obsessive representation of gender and female sexuality. Mari Keto focuses on the tensions and structures of our contemporary culture by using predominantly diamonds, crystals, pearls and other materials used in making jewelry to depict icons and symbols in her delicate installations and portraits.


Jiri Geller

Zetterberg Gallery proudly presents Jiri Geller’s new works
Welcome to the opening on Friday May 4 at 4-8pm!

Jiri Geller presents his new, long wrought works at the SUGARED solo exhibition opening at the Zetterberg Gallery, on May 5. Geller continues his detailed craftsmanship by presenting a new perspective to his conceptual nihilism. His accomplished works serve cold irony and raw critique by questioning the dominant, neoliberal iconophilia. SUGARED aggravates the global ideal of individual freedom and property rights by blowing up the high right before the crash hits you.

Jiri Geller (b. 1970 lives and works in Helsinki) is known for his detailed sculptures exploring the contemporary pop culture phenomena. Geller has exhibited his works in various solo exhibitions around Nordic countries as well as in innumerous international exhibitions globally.

The exhibition is open May 5 – June 10 Wed-Fri 13-19 and Sat-Sun 11-16.