Jiri Geller

Zetterberg Gallery proudly presents Jiri Geller’s new works
Welcome to the opening on Friday May 4 at 4-8pm!

Jiri Geller presents his new, long wrought works at the SUGARED solo exhibition opening at the Zetterberg Gallery, on May 5. Geller continues his detailed craftsmanship by presenting a new perspective to his conceptual nihilism. His accomplished works serve cold irony and raw critique by questioning the dominant, neoliberal iconophilia. SUGARED aggravates the global ideal of individual freedom and property rights by blowing up the high right before the crash hits you.

Jiri Geller (b. 1970 lives and works in Helsinki) is known for his detailed sculptures exploring the contemporary pop culture phenomena. Geller has exhibited his works in various solo exhibitions around Nordic countries as well as in innumerous international exhibitions globally.

The exhibition is open May 5 – June 10 Wed-Fri 13-19 and Sat-Sun 11-16.