Jani Leinonen was slightly more popular than Ai Wei Wei in Helsinki

Two of Helsinki’s major contemporary art museums, the Finnish National Gallery Kiasma and Helsinki Art Museum (HAM) both started their fall of 2015 with a solo exhibition by an internationally renowned artist; Kiasma with Finnish Jani Leinonen and HAM with Chinese superstar Ai Wei Wei.

Leinonen’s School of Disobedience and Ai Wei Wei’s Ai WeiWei @ Helsinki both started in September 2015 and lasted for 5 months. Leinonen’s exhibition attracted 123 984 visitors which was slightly more than Ai Wei Wei’s exhibition that attracted 119 000 visitors.
Leinonen’s exhibition was open from September 4, 2015 to January 31. 2016 and Ai Wei Wei’s exhibition from September 26, 2015 to February 28, 2016.

Ai Wei Wei at HAM: http://www.hs.fi/kulttuuri/a1456799797516
Jani Leinonen at Kiasma: http://www.hs.fi/kulttuuri/a1454388889504