24 Wishes

Jani Leinonen has once again joined forces with the prestigious Dolder Grand hotel in Zurich to portray his idea of Christmas in a colossal art project called 24 Wishes.

Leinonen’s light installation consisting of stained glass windows, will be on display in the hotels Canvas Bar & Lounge from 1 December 2023, transforming the space into an arena of colors and patterns. 

To give his pieces deeper meaning, Leinonen asked 24 people from around the world – including artists, authors, mothers and children – to write a personal letter to Father Christmas. “The letters lend each light cube a special meaning that encompasses not only joy, but also grief, loss and the hope for a better world”. 

The artist has assigned a letter to each of the cubes he has created. A new light cube illuminates every day, symbolizing that this particular wish is to be fulfilled and all the letters have been also compiled into a book.

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