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Jani Leinonen and Aurora Reinhard are included in the contemporary art exhibition With Seven-league Boots. Stop – Finland, presenting works from the Kiasma Collection at the Art Museum RIGA BOURSE in Riga (Doma laukums 6) from 25 November 2017 to 7 January 2018.

The show is the second exhibition introducing contemporary art collections from the Baltic Sea region’s museums and it is dedicated to the centenaries of the Republic of Finland and the Republic of Latvia.

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Jani Leinonen We Are Sorry (black), 2013


Nature and imagination meet in Mari Keto’s solo exhibition Super/Natural in November at the Koldinghus Castle in Denmark.
Keto transforms Koldinghus’ Ruin Hall into a large-scale installation and invites visitors to engage in a magical and absurd nature landscape where beauty attracts the eye but upon closer observation, reveals unpleasant truths. Keto´s inspiration grows out of her own childhood experiences in the Finnish nature and her observations of the prevailing view of nature in the city where she lives today.

The exhibition opens on November 24th 2017 and runs through April 2nd 2018.

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Photo Iben Kaufmann

Aurora Reinhard at Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art

Aurora Reinhard is taking part in the group exhibition Bodybuilding at the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art in Turku, opening on October 20th 2017.

The exhibition brings together works of contemporary art, which explore the body-related conceptions and presentation conventions prevailing in our culture today.

The exhibition runs through 20th October, 2017–14th January, 2018.
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Photo: Piia Oksanen

Jani Leinonen, Jiri Geller & Aurora Reinhard at the Weserburg Museum, Bremen

Jani Leinonen, Jiri Geller and Aurora Reinhard are included in Dreamaholic, an exhibition based on works from the Miettinen Collection at the Weserburg Museum in Bremen, Germany.

With the exhibition Dreamaholic, the Weserburg is for the first time conveying insights into the contemporary art scene in Finland. All the works on display comes from the Miettinen Collection in Berlin and Helsinki, and mirror the lively diversity of contemporary Finnish art presenting both well-established artists such as Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Jiri Geller and Jani Leinonen as well as younger artists who in many cases still await discovery.

Along with sculpture and photography, the exhibition focuses on painting. The spectrum of the selected forms of expression extends from poetical visual inventions all the way to the homoerotic depictions of Tom of Finland.

The Miettinen Collection comprises a total of 800 works by Finnish and international artists.

The exhibition is open from February 4 – August 27, 2017
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Jani Leinonen received the Finland Prize 2016

Congratulations to Jani Leinonen for receiving the Finland Prize 2016!

The Finland Prize is granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture in recognition of a significant career in arts, an exceptional artistic achievement, or a promising breakthrough.

Leinonen and seven other artists or groups received the prize on Monday 19.12.2016 by the Minister of Education and Culture, Sanni Grahn-Laasonen.

In his thank you speech Leinonen took the opportunity to point the attention back towards the Finnish government, whose political practices he deemed racist, sinister and inhuman.

” I have never, until recent months lived in a country where the state’s most influential people try to silence those who show criticism towards them. I have never, until recent years lived in a country where the government’s intervention policy is so racist, sinister and inhuman, that any good deed by the state, such as the Finland Prize, seems as a polishing of the government’s smudged appearance – even though this would not be the case.” – Jani Leinonen 19.12.2016

Leinonen also promised that the award would not affect his ability to be critical against those who have power.

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Jiri Geller – FUCK THE WORLD! at Serlachius Museum Gösta, October 2017

”I want to make art that looks better than reality – a moment of bliss that lasts forever.”

Jiri Geller’s retrospective solo exhibition FUCK THE WORLD! shows Geller’s classics along with a new series of works at the Gösta Serlachius Museum in October 2017.

During the recent years Geller’s focus has been on objects and situations characterized by a thing or an item that has become iconic. These are then varied in different colors, patterns and atmospheres.

In Geller’s world nothing is permanent; things change shape or surface. They drain, erupt, explode or break. The time of the image stops for a fraction of a second or covers both the past, present and future. We live on myths and beliefs created by ourselves. Do we dare to look at them and the interpretations that Jiri Geller is presenting?

The exhibition is open from October 28, 2017 – April 22, 2018 at Serlachius Museum Gösta, Mänttä.

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Kill your Darlings, 2014


Mari Keto and Erich Berger’s radioactive work on show at Bildmuseet Umeå, Sweden

Mari Keto and Erich Berger’s collaboration INHERITANCE is included in the exhibition Perpetual Uncertainty / Contemporary Art in the Nuclear Anthropocene at Bildmuseet in Umeå, Sweden.
The exhibition brings together artists from Europe, Japan, the USA and Australia to investigate experiences of nuclear technology, radiation and the complex relationship between knowledge and the deep time.
Keto and Berger’s INHERITANCE consists of a set of precious jewelry artifacts which are radioactive and therefor rendered practically and symbolically unwearable for deep time, until the radionuclide transmute naturally into a stable and non radioactive isotope of lead.
The exhibition is open until April 16, 2017
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Aurora Reinhard at the 56th Belgrade October Salon „The Pleasure of Love“

Aurora Reinhard’s work will be seen at the 56th Belgrade October Salon The Pleasure of Love: Transient Emotion in Contemporary Art, curated by David Elliot in Belgrade, Serbia.

The October Salon concentrates on what role emotion plays in contemporary art and how it may be framed in ways that are neither banal nor kitsch. This may include the not-so-simple pleasures of love, humor, horror and any other perspectives that art may bring to bear on the fragility of human experience and life which, in itself, may have a transient or long-lasting impact.

The Pleasure of Love, the 56th October Salon, is composed of 67 artists from 26 countries and takes place in Belgrade City Museum and in Cultural Center of Belgrade (Art gallery, Artget gallery and Podroom gallery) from 23th September until 6th of November 2016.

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Aurora Reinhard

Jani Leinonen – No Man is an Island – The Satanic Verses, ARoS

Jani Leinonen’s widely recognized beggar sign installation Anything Helps is included in the exhibition No Man Is an Island – The Satanic Verses at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum.

The exhibition addresses the contemporary global, social and economic challenges and presents works both from the ARoS collection as well as a series of distinctive works on loan. The exhibition features carefully selected installations by a number of international artists including Andy Warhol, Ron Mueck, Elmgreen & Dragset, Tony Matelli, Bjørn Nørgaard and Shirin Neshat amongst others.

Leinonen’s Anything Helps- installation has earlier been shown at the Finnish National Gallery Kiasma in 2015, and at the Venice Biennale, Nordic Pavilion in 2009 in a smaller setup curated by Elmgreen & Dragset.

The exhibition was conceived after an idea by Erlend G. Høyersten and is co-curated by Erik Nørager Pedersen and Pernille Taagaard Dinesen.

The exhibition is open from September 3, 2016 – January 7, 2018
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Anything helps

Rolls-Royce brands their new car series with Jiri Geller’s art

One of the most iconic car manufacturers Rolls-Royce has created a Dark Arts theme – Art Transformed, to support the launch of their new Black Badge car series.

Dark Arts is highlighted with sculptures by Jiri Geller and other artists who are using the colour black to transform the familiar and make us challenge our perceptions of art.

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Jiri Geler Rolls-Royce Dark Arts