This February Finnish artist Jani Leinonen turns the over 500 year old barn Stalla Madulain in Switzerland, into a breath-taking chapel of light and offers the viewers almost a transcendental experience.

The art pilgrims of the world have a new destination in Switzerland as Jani Leinonen’s Chapel of Remorse plugs into the same pious energies of art sanctums such as Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin in Blanton Museum, Olafur Eliasson’s Rainbow Panorama in Aarhus and Rothko Chapel in Houston.

Leinonen has harnessed the barn’s old features, the arched windows, the cathedral-like hight, and in collaboration with the worlds best glass blowers in Munich, converts the space into a dramatic yet serene spectacle of light. Given the stained glass technique’s association with religion Leinonen’s chapel does convey a sense of divinity, but the space feels no more like a house of god than it does a place of worship to the sun, nature or humanity.

The exhibition will run through 16th February –16th March 2019.

Stalla Madulain is a three-storey barn from 1488. The two cousins Gian Tumasch Appenzeller and ChasperSchmidlin, both rooted in the Engadine, discovered the building and restored it slightly. In the very original rooms, which they remained cold without heaters, they have been showing art since 2014 by artists from the region of Graubünden or those who have been inspired by the Stalla and the Engadine.

More information at: www.stallamadulain.ch