Age of Reflection Part II: I’d Rather Go Naked


Age of Reflection Part II: I’d Rather Go Naked
May 11–27, 2018

Anonymous street artist Sampsa´s work is distinguished for its focus on global and ethical issues, often critiquing political matters and social injustice through an ironical approach.

Age of reflection: Part II is a meditation the artist Sampsa has been processing for nearly 6 years. In this current series we see coming to a pinnacle of previous machinations on hypocrisy referencing Bertolt Brecht’s political illiterate text from the 1930’s. Chuck Norris,Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba are thrust off of a multi-dimensional setting lathered up with sensual lighting, while signaling quite forwardly that not all is Kosher in Tinseltown.

Sampsa’s multilayered stencil technique enables a 3 dimensional illusion in his work. The characters are painted with a pressured spray can mimicking an acrylic or even oil painting, a technique that Sampsa has been developing to perfection during recent years.