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Riikka Hyvönen
How ’bout a Little Rainbow Reflection?
September 13th – October 6th 2019

Zetterberg Gallery is pleased to open the exhibition program for the Fall with Riikka Hyvönen’s solo How ’bout a Little Rainbow Reflection? Hyvönen is distinguished for her sculptural painting series Roller Derby Kisses portraying colorful bruises on female skin referring to the momentary marks that gain importance only inside a small group of enthusiasts.

In the exhibition How ’bout a Little Rainbow Reflection? Hyvönen continues merging sculptural elements in her painting process. This time by turning her painterly gaze to the natural world. With the exhibited series she captures the momentary joy of light erupting on a surface, touching it with a prism. She finds her references from social media to employ a selection of experiences. For Hyvönen, light’s metaphors are a multitude. Whereas the spectrum can form upon a heavily bruised skin, as in Roller Derby Kisses, Hyvönen is aware of the weight of its connotations. Can you paint a rainbow without touching upon – any of – its denotations? Regardless, one is clear. Light can break through anything. Even the darkest of the hour.

The exhibition is Hyvönen’s first solo show at Zetterberg Gallery.

Riikka Hyvönen (b. 1982 Rovaniemi, Finland) lives and works in London. Hyvönen holds a BA of Fine Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London and is currently finishing her master’s studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki.